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What is wave optics?

it is the study that deals with the optical waves. while the optical wave is nothing but the light wave itself or can be called EM-waves(electromagnetic waves). at cases s (MORE)
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What is optic fiber?

Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. The light forms an electromagn (MORE)
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What is adaptation?

In biology, adaptation is the process by which an organism changes  to become better suited to survive in their environment. It can  also refer to a physical or genetic trai (MORE)

What is an adaptation?

An adaptation is a body structure or behavior that helps an  organism survive in its environment.    trait of living thing that helps it live in its  environment  tra (MORE)

What is inverted optics?

Definition: Inverted Optics (IO): This Optics is called "Inverted", Not because the Light would travel in the opposite direction, but because some important optical Components (MORE)

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What is that optical density?

Optical density is the measure of the transmission of an optical medium for a given wavelength.Higher OD lower transmittence and vice versa e.g; optical density of 1 means 90% (MORE)

What is optical isomerism?

such compounds which similar molecular formula but have different behaviour towards plane polarise light called optical isomers & this phenomenon is called optical isomerism (MORE)

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What is an optical fiber?

Optical fiber consist of a central core made of class or plastic which is surrounded by a cladding of material of refractive index slightly less than that of core and a protec (MORE)

How does adaptive optics in a telescope help solve problems cased by atmospheric turbulence?

Astronomers use a brightish star close to what they are observing  to measure the amount of blurring due tot he atmospheric  conditions. This information is applied to the o (MORE)