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What is an addiction?

An addiction is the need to carry out a practice which might be considered harmful or detrimental to a person. An adiction is something that you cannot stop doing in your life (MORE)

How do you get addicted?

you Get addicted by doing that thing that is really fun or you just cant stay away from what your addicted to.

How addictive is steroids?

not addictive at all. just stupid and when you stop taking them you lose all your energy you had before taking them , and stop working out and get all lazy and scrawny/fat (de (MORE)

What is addiction to you?

Addiction is doing something that is causing problems in your life, that you keep on doing despite the associated difficulties. There are a lot of technical definitions, but t (MORE)

Is gambling addictive or is money addicting?

An interesting question. The answer, in a way, is "both." Gambling is addictive because of two things. First is the principle of intermittent reward. If we win all the time (MORE)
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Is caffine addicting?

Yes, it can be. Virtually anything, whether it is consumed or an action can be addictive. Caffeine is not as addicting as nicotine, but anything if you use it enough is.

Why is cutting addictive?

Cutting may be addictive because you may be a masochist, or it may provide stress relief. You may suffer from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, which will not help. Seek help imm (MORE)

Why do you have addictions?

Any addiction is only a habit that one has starteddoing over and over again. It could be because they are nervousabout an issue in their life so they they find a habit to pr (MORE)