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Is Suboxone addictive?

Yes. Suboxone is an opiate, and all opiates are extremely physically addictive. BUT-if you have a choice between taking opiates and taking Suboxone (synthetic opiate) take the (MORE)

Is Remeron addictive?

Heh. No only it is NOT addictive, but it ranks as the second most hated psychiatric drug after Zyprexa, due to its massive weight gain.
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Where do addicts get heroin?

From a heroin dealer. It is a very widespread drug and from personal experience i can tell you it is everywhere, in every city and state. I have seen lawyers ,police,teachers, (MORE)

How do you get addicted to rocks?

The addiction to looking at, studying, or collecting rocks is easy to understand. First of all, rocks come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Some have sparkly cryst (MORE)

Is carmex addictive?

Nope carmex is drug free and it is just in your mind if you think your addictied to it. Hope that helped.
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Is zolmitriptan addictive?

It is not addictive in the usual heroin sens of the worse where you will get cravings for it. However, if you use it more than about 9-10 times per month you can get rebound h (MORE)
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Why is LSD not addictive?

In theory LSD can be addictive if a person really really likes taking it, but it doesn't particularly create a physical or psychological dependency to speak of. After taking i (MORE)

Are computers addictive?

  I don't think that computers are addictive, but its the stuff that you do and use on the computer that could be addictive - such as if you are a huge email fan, or stuff (MORE)
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How addictive is esctasy?

esctasy is not an addicting drug. It does not have that effect on your brain such as other drugs do. Although it is debatable that it may be addicting, do to the great feeling (MORE)

How is morphine addictive?

When a person takes a chemical like morphine frequently enough  (either as prescribed by a doctor, or illegally), many cells of the  body will make adjustments for the conti (MORE)