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Why are additives important?

They are important because in foods, if you do not have aditives, then you are not getting all of the nutrients you need. Additives send you plenty of fiber and nutrients. If (MORE)
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How do you do addition?

To do addition, you need to know how to count. Let's do the problem 4+5. Start from four, and count five numbers. One, two, three, four, five. (Starting at four) Five, six, se (MORE)

What is binary addition?

Addition of binary is the computers way of counting (adding). Computers don't have the normal numerical system like us e.g. 1-9, they only have 'bits'- 0 and 1. the rules for (MORE)
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What is additional science?

If your talking about the course you take it alongside another science course. If you pass them both it just the same a double award science at gcse level and allows you to pr (MORE)

What is Additive Melody?

This is a key minimalist technique that involves the gradual change of a melodic or rhythmic idea, by the addition or subtraction of a note to/from a repeating pattern or osti (MORE)

How the OR addition different from the ordinary addition?

A: OR gates does not perform addition or any other mathematical function but rather makes logical decision on true or false on two [ more] inputs both input are false then the (MORE)

What is a sentence with in addition to?

In addition to my daily homework, I had to do last  night's homework as well because it was incomplete.   Her misbehavior resulted in being grounded, in addition to havin (MORE)

What is blood additive?

Blood Additive are the chemicals that are used in storing blood specimen carried out for clinical laboratory investigations. Different Blood additive or Anti-coagulants are (MORE)
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What is addition in mathematics?

Addition is the aggregation or augmentation of elements so that a  smaller set becomes a larger set. It seeks to combine two or more  smaller quantities in order to obtain a (MORE)