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What are additives?

Cattle need balanced ration containing all nutrients inproportionate amount. Besides such nutritious food material, certain feedadditives containing micronutrients promote the (MORE)

What is addition?

Addition [3+47] Addition is a way of combining 2 numbers. For example: I have two apples and Joe gave me 2 more..I now have 4 apples if I count all of them up!
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What is an additive?

An additive is a substance added to another substance or product in order to alter its properties. It can be variously applied to an arithmetical function or concept, rhythm, (MORE)
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Changemodification or addition?

Please ask your question in a complete sentence so it will be easier to understand what you are asking.
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How do you do addition?

To do addition, you need to know how to count. Let's do the problem 4+5. Start from four, and count five numbers. One, two, three, four, five. (Starting at four) Five, six, se (MORE)

How the OR addition different from the ordinary addition?

A: OR gates does not perform addition or any other mathematical function but rather makes logical decision on true or false on two [ more] inputs both input are false then the (MORE)

Why is there addition?

well what do you expect. "For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction." There is subtraction, and the opposite is addition.
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