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What does moderate to poorly-differentiated adenocarcinoma consistent with ovarian primary form paracentesis fluid mean?

Moderately to poorly differentiated is a diagnosis of cancer means the grade of the adenocarcinoma cells. Moderately differentiated is an  intermediate grade and poorly diff (MORE)

What is the life span of a person with poorly adenocarcinoma?

First and foremost Early detection by regular doctor consultation.... Dont smoke, for adenocarcinoma is Lung cancer... very dangerous because it can spread throughout the body (MORE)

What is the proper follow-up for a patient with adenocarcinoma of the cervix if the cone biopsy margins aren't clear?

Adenocarcinomas arise from the glandular lining of the endocervical canal. After your biopsy if the margins arent clear, your oncologist would probably want you to have regula (MORE)