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How is adenocarcinoma treated?

adrogens and estrogens play an important role in treating the adenocarcinoma.diethylstilbestrol an estrogen used to antagonize the the effect of DHT this reduces the progessio (MORE)

Is adenocarcinoma disease curable?

Is Adenocarcinoma Disease Curable?   Adenocarcinoma is the name of a broad category of cancers. This type of cancer occurs in cells that line organs such as the colon, lung (MORE)

How does a gallbladder tumor convert to a metastatic adenocarcinoma of the liver?

Metastatic adenocarcinoma is adenocarcinoma (a carcinoma that originates in the glands) that has metastacized (moved). In this case, the condition originates in the gallbladde (MORE)

What is infiltrating adenocarcinoma of the breast?

Invasive (infiltrating) : An invasive cancer is one that has already grown beyond the layer of cells where it started (unlike carcinoma in situ).   Adenocarcinoma: An ad (MORE)

What is a disseminated adenocarcinoma?

From three websites including, I have come to the  conclusion that Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancerous (malignant)  tumor that can appear anywhere in the bo (MORE)

What is the life span of a person with poorly adenocarcinoma?

First and foremost Early detection by regular doctor consultation.... Dont smoke, for adenocarcinoma is Lung cancer... very dangerous because it can spread throughout the body (MORE)