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Is adenovirus harmful?

Yes. The Adenovirus causes many congestive infections such as the common cold, runny noses, pink-eye, and coughs, sneezing, headaches, and the chills.
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How many days is adenovirus contagious?

There are over 50 types of adenovirus' which mainly infectchildren. They are contagious but each has a different cycle so itis best to check with your doctor for the infectiou ( Full Answer )
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Is there a vaccine for adenovirus?

Not exactly. Adenovirus is a family of 40 different virus' that each cause severe cold-like symptoms. At one time the military did in fact have a vaccine and routinely immuniz ( Full Answer )
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How long does it take to cure adenovirus?

my son had it 1 1/2 weeks so far and still has it. He is 15 and in hospital for 2 days. he is alot better, so hope he is all better soon.
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How are adenovirus infections treated?

usually supportive and aimed at relieving symptoms of the illness. Bed rest may be recommended along with medications to reduce fever and/or pain
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How can adenovirus infections be prevented?

Practicing good personal hygiene and avoiding people with infectious illnesses can reduce the risk of developing adenovirus infection. Proper hand-washing can prevent the spre ( Full Answer )
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What are adenovirus infections?

Adenoviruses are DNA viruses (small infectious agents) that cause upper respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis, and other infections in humans
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What is an adenovirus?

An adenovirus is a virus of the family Adenoviridae, many of which are responsible for respiratory infections in humans.