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What is BOPP adhesive?

BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, a plastic film used forpackaging, printing and lamination. The film is coated with variousadhesives to use as sealing tape.
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What is adhesion?

Adhesion is the attraction of water molecules to other substances.Ex: Water is attracted to the inner walls of xylem, blood vessels,or narrow glass tubes Adhesion is the attr (MORE)

What is a adhesion?

  Answer   Answer Adhesion is the sticky part of tape that sticks to whatever you stick it to. The more sticky the more adhesion and the cleaner and dryer the piec (MORE)
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What are adhesions?

An adhesion is scar tissue that binds or connects tissues and organs of the body that are normally not connected. Most often adhesion are a cause of surgery. An example may be (MORE)

What is in adhesive?

You need to be MUCH more specific about 'adhesive' - that covers hundreds of different products !
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What is adhesive?

anything sticky   an example would be tape or glue - Adhesives, or sticky substances can also hold things together. Thermosetting glues (hot glue) and solvent-based glues ( (MORE)

Is adhesives aerosols?

There are many adhesive aerosols. 3M makes 2 or 3 different ones and Elmer's makes 2. There are also spray contact adhesives mainly used for attaching laminate countertops.
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What is adhesive putty?

I have 3 kinds of adhesive putty. Basically they are epoxy clay in a stick with one part in the centre and the other wrapped around it. You cut a slice off and mix it together (MORE)

What does an adhesive do?

An adhesive is just another word or a type of glue- it sticks one thing to another. It can occur in the natural world, or in human society, be synthetically produced.
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What is adhesives?

Adhesives are any substances that will stick things together Adhesives are any substances that will stick things together
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