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What is adhoc querry?

Answer . Ad hoc queries are one time or "spur of the momeny" query not meant to be repeated time and time again.. They are good "What if", proof of concept and investigat ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of adhoc in terms of salary?

Ad hoc pertains to a specific situation, and is often improvised orimpromptu. Ad hoc in terms of salary would be reimbursement forthings not specifically mentioned in your sal ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of adhoc?

'Adhoc', which is meant for a short period of time. In committees and organizations the adhocs are for the completion of a specific task.
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What is the meaning of adhocism?

The potential to generate temporary, more importantly managing policies and procedures to deal with specific problems and tasks:
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What is meant by clustering in adhoc networks?

clustering means backingup a server with another...dat means getting backup frm anther server when d actual server breaks down
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What is difference between adhoc and infrastructure mode?

Ad hoc mode: An Ad-hoc network allows each device to communicate directly with each other. There is no central Access Point controlling device communication. Ad-hoc network ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into adhoc on invizimals?

you turn on the WLAN switch the go online then go on adhoc then u fight on multiplayer that's all.(play atleast 10 battles for new invizamls)
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What are abstractions of adhoc?

The word ad hoc (spaced compound word) is an adverb and an adjective for something done or arranged for a special purpose; from the Latin meaning 'to this'. Adverb: The com ( Full Answer )
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What is an adhoc position?

It refers to dealing with situations as they occur rather than ones that are repeated on a regular basis