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Is she an adjective?

No. She is the nominative form of a personal pronoun. Thepossessive adjective is her, which is also the objective form ofthe pronoun. (The possessive pronoun is hers .)
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Is has an adjective?

No. The verb is to have , and is also used as an auxiliary verb in tenses such as present perfect (e.g. has gone, has been going).
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Can that be an adjective?

Yes, it can, when used with a noun to indicate a particular item orplace (that one and not this one or another one). That, without anoun, would be a pronoun.
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Can the be an adjective?

The word the is always an adjective. The articles a, an, and the are all always adjectives.
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Is then an adjective?

"Then" is only an adjective when referring to a past position oroccupation, and ideally should be a hyphenated form (e.g. Thethen-chairman of the board). It is usually an adve ( Full Answer )
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Is will an adjective?

No, will is a helping verb (along with the word would). Will canalso be a separate noun or verb.
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Can her be an adjective?

Yes, her can be an adjective if it is acting as a possessive pronoun. For example, "She gave me her coat." Her is describing who's coat it is.
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Can he be an adjective?

He can never EVER be an adjective. An adjective is a word that modifies something. Ex: incredible,tasty,small, big, tantalising etc. etc. etc. HOWEVER, HE IS A PRONOUN!! A ( Full Answer )
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Is Get an adjective?

No, it is a verb. Get (acquire) has the participles getting andgotten. Neither is used as an adjective as acquiring and acquired are.
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What is the adjective for answer?

The noun or verb "answer" can form adjectives from the present andpast participles. They are "answering" and "answered" -- answeringsupervisors, answered questions.