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What is administration?

        According to Theo Haimann, “Administration means   overall determination of policies, setting of major objectives, the   identification of gene (MORE)

What is fiscal administration?

Fiscal administration refers to systems, structures, processes, resources, and the policy, environment, government, the inter-governmental and inter-local fiscal relations, af (MORE)

How do hearing dogs hear for the hearing impared?

Dog hear better than people. Hearing dogs are most used in a home setting, but with extra training can work in public. The dogs are trained to listen for certain sounds and to (MORE)

What is a website administrator?

The person that controls the website, usually the owner but could be defined as the 'person authorised to make changes' - so the developer, the owner, maybe their son / daught (MORE)
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What is SL administration?

When referring to medication administration "S.L." represents Sub-Lingual or under the tongue. Some specialized medicines are formulated to dissolve rapidly and be absorbed th (MORE)