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What is administrative law?

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the operation  and procedures of government agencies. Administrative law is  considered a branch of public law.

Example of administrative law?

An example of administrative is the way it has been used in the  country of France. It was used to create a system of tribunals,  which differ from court systems.

The Administrative Per Se Law means?

These field sobriety tests are used to determine probable cause in a DUI arrest. After this, the officer may ask the driver to take a chemical test. This will consist of testi (MORE)

What are administrative laws?

Administrative laws are some rules that are set aside for purposes  of governing administrative organizations of the government. These  laws are used as a reference point in (MORE)

What is law enforcement administration?

This is a specialized field that specifically deals with the office  and human resource team behind law enforcement. There are different  law and rules that apply that do no (MORE)

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How was Roman law set up and administrated?

During the period of the Roman republic bills were submitted to the  vote of the popular assemblies. The praetors, who were annually  elected officers of state, were the chi (MORE)