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What is open admission?

In the context of a concert or other event, "open admission" usually means that the public can participate in an activity or event for free. In the context of colleges and ( Full Answer )
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What is an admission?

An admission is the property or state of being admitted to something, or the act of admitting something.
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How do you get admission in VJTI?

After 10th, you can take admission for diploma courses in VJTI. After 12th, you should give MHT-CET & obtain more than 100 marks in it to get admission in VJTI. Please vi ( Full Answer )
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What is an admission counselor?

Professional and Experienced College Admission Counseling helps students find and gain acceptance to their dream college. Ifyou are considering entering college. Make an appo ( Full Answer )
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How do you get admission in MMMEC?

Check there website for how to apply. beside this also take other good choices with you like bits, sharda, lovely university. For more details check there websites.
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How do you get admission in LPU?

LPU takes student on basis on his previous qualification or take their test. For further details you can talk to helpline of LPU 01824: 404484 or log on ""

How you can get admission into NASA?

gud aftrnoon me kmal 4rm India we can definitely takes the admission in nasa if we hav gud knwledge about particular subject n having n believe that we can achieve this defini ( Full Answer )
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How do you get admission for bed?

to get admission for B.ED in india, Singhania University is one of the Top universities in India. Singhania University is recognized by UGC under section 2f of UGC act 1956, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get admission in?

Dear in which stream do you want to get admission. There are number of courses available. For Indian universities admission starts from May and ends at the end of july or star ( Full Answer )
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What is the admissions process?

The admissions process is different for every school. Typically the first step is an application, followed by an interview. There is also an admission fee typically.