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Who was adolph leuzinger?

  Adolph Leuzinger (1859-1931), and Leuzinger High School   Johann Jakob Leuzinger (1838-1906) emigrated from Wattwil, Switzerland, to the USA in 1867, and settled in K (MORE)

What color were Homer Adolph Plessy's parents?

Homer A. Plessy was the petitioner in the landmark US Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 US 537 (1896) that validated the "separate but equal" doctrine and lead to gen (MORE)

Who was adolphe buyl?

Adolphe BUYL born 01.05.1862 at Serskamp near Wetteren became teacher in Brussels and later on conselor and mayor of Ixelles by Brussels . He became member of the Belgian Parl (MORE)

What was Adolphe Sax's education?

Adolphe Sax, the person credited with inventing the first saxophone, was educated by his father Charles-Joseph Sax. His father was a skilled wind instrument maker and repairer (MORE)