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What are the negative Impacts of food adulteration?

Adulteration of food causes several heath problems in humans. Some of the health hazards include stomach ache, body ache, anemia, abortion, paralysis, and increase in the inci (MORE)

What are the foods that are adulterated?

Milk is mixed with water. Vanaspati is used as an adulterant for ghee. Ergot is used as an adulterant for cereals.Chalk-powder is used as an adulterant for flour.Chicory is us (MORE)
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How can you find the adulteration in honey?

Here are a few tests to check whether the honey is pure.Honey does not dissolve in water. Drop a teaspoon of honey in a cup of water and mix it gently, wait for a few minutes. (MORE)

How is milk adulterated?

Milk would be adulterated by the addition of anything without clearly stating that addition on the label of the container. For example, if water is added to extend the volume, (MORE)

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Define food adulteration?

Food adulteration refers to the adding the substances that are not  legal in the food.
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What is the definition of 'adulterate'?

  The verb adulterate means to contaminate or make impure. It may be used literally or figuratively. A few possible synonyms:   corrupt debase devalue
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Why food adulteration?

Adulterated food is impure, unsafe, or unwholesome food. In the  United States the Food and Drug Administration regulates the food  and food safety.

What are types of food adulteration?

The four basic types of food adulteration are milk adulteration,  grain adulteration, adulteration of oil and fats, and other  adulteration.
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