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Is adultery illegal in Maryland?

It is a still criminal offense in Maryland, belief it or not. But the maximum sentence as of this writing in 2010 is a paltry $10 fine. However, it does have an effect on di (MORE)

If my spouse did not commit adultery can I remarry?

According to the Bible, marriage is a divine arrangement by God, first established in Eden(Genesis 2:22-24) for procreation (Genesis 1:27, 28) and joy (Proverbs 5:18). Genes (MORE)

What is the punishment for adultery in Brazil?

Until 1932, adultery was characterized as a crime in the Brazilian Criminal Codeand provided harsher penalty towards women than men. However, in 1940 the Criminal Code equaliz (MORE)

Can a president be impeached for adultery?

Yes, in theory this could happen. Grounds for impeachment are vaguely defined, are up to the House of Representatives to determine. A flagrant and continuing adulterous relati (MORE)
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Is adultery a crime in Canada?

No, it is not a crime. While adultery may speed up the divorce process in Canada, adultery in itself is not illegal.
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What is the punishment for adultery?

United States The rules vary by state. In some states adultery is still a criminal offense. In most jurisdictions it is grounds for divorce. See the related link below. Indi (MORE)