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Can adults get Progeria?

No, adults can't get progeria, progeria is in the genes, so the person will be immediatly affected with it, you don't see adults with progeria, because most people with proger (MORE)

Why do adults lie?

they lie because they don't want to tell the truth and their trying to keep whatever they are hiding from anyone so they don't know the truth. they lie because they don't want (MORE)

Do babies or adults have more bones?

A baby has more number of bones as in the growing process many  bones fuse together and form a large bone thus a baby have more  bones. An excellent example is the soft-spot (MORE)

What is the best theme parks for adults?

EPCOT!! The World Showcase usually opens two hours after park opening and remains open later than the Future World section of the park, however most major attractions in Fut (MORE)

Why do adults get baptised?

  Adults get baptised as an outward expression to show that they have come into faith in Christ Jesus. There are still belief differences by some groups; for example some (MORE)

What if adults body temperature is 94.6?

Low body temperature is often a sign of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is more common among females. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits just below where a man's (MORE)

Do adults get autism?

Your usually born with it and grow up to still have it. Basically it runs with you your whole life.
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Why are children's books written by adults?

Because adults would write a more mature book and not too gruesome. But if a child wrote it he/she would make it scary and the kids would cry. ------------------------------ (MORE)