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How do you advance in the military?

  You get promoted by time served and going to specialized schools for training. You must also not get any field grade article fifthteens or court marshals
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What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is when someone who is going to pay you on a certain  date gives you some cash up front before the normal pay date. Some  places of employment will do this if (MORE)

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced Manufacturing is another word for Advanced Planning and Scheduling. It refers to a manufacturing management process by which raw materials and production capacity are (MORE)

What is cultural advancement?

A cultural advancement is an advancement in ethnicity or society.  For example, maybe a document abolishing slavery. This started a  new era; people were no longer slaves. T (MORE)

What advancement can you get when modeling?

  It depends on what your goals are in pursuing modeling. Some advancements can include gaining public exposure/celebrity status, this can be a means to breaking into the (MORE)

What is secured advance?

Secured Advance on Materials    a) The Contractor shall be entitled to receive from the Employer Secured Advance against an indemnity bond acceptable to the Employer of s (MORE)

Can a veterinarian advance?

Yes, although veterinarians tend to simply become better and more efficient at their current position rather than take a new position. This is mostly accomplished through cont (MORE)