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What are the advantages of IT?

Answer . alot of money, safety for the kids, fun and play time for the kids and parents could leave whenevr they please not having to worry about who's takin care of their (MORE)

Advantages of IT?

Globalization , communication quicker, easier and more convenient, Cost effectiveness , Bridging the cultural gap, More time, Creation of new jobs,

What are the advantages and dis advantages of recycling?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to recycling. Theadvantages are that it is better for the environment and allowswaste products to be remade into something usable. (MORE)
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What are advantage and dis advantage of technology?

Technology has opened new doors to people. Without technology there would be no computers, cars, wikianswers :P or anything that would make the world what it is today. Di (MORE)
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What are the advantages and the dis-advantages of crime?

what is crime? "an act committed in violation of a law forbidding it and for which a variety of punishments may be imposed." DISADVANTAGE OF CRIME In the news today there (MORE)