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Advantage and disadvantage of v-antenna?

To increase the gain and directivity in the direction of interest the lengths of the legs are increased in proportin. This results in sidelobes cancellation.The major lobes ad (MORE)
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What is the advantage of a parabolic reflective antenna?

A parabolic reflector or paraboloid allows the radio wave energy from a simple antenna to be concentrated into a narrow beam, in the same way as a car headlight works. This ma (MORE)

What is an antenna and what is the difference between an omni antenna and a panel antenna?

"What is an antenna": the antenna is a device that couples electromagnetic fields between free space and a circuit (radio, cell phone, etc.). An omni or omni-directional ant (MORE)

What is the advantage of a helical wire satellite antenna?

Circular polarization characteristics of a helical antenna help offset the effects of spin modulation from satellites in motion, that is, the tendency for satellites to spin c (MORE)
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How many sides does a Rhombic dodecahedron have?

A rhombic dodecahedron is a 3-D shape (polyhedron) that has 12  rhombic faces, 24 edges (sides), and 14 vertices (points). Its dual  is a cuboctahedron. If you wanted to try (MORE)