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What is adversity?

  Adversity is a state of hardship or misfortune. It can be small things like leaving your keys at home or failing a test however it can also be huge obstacles like a love (MORE)

Why are some receivables classified as non current asset?

A current asset is an asset that is used up quickly or easily converted to cash. For example supplies are current assets, many receivables are "current" assets, however, if a (MORE)

What is a asset?

a asset means the properties of every description belonging to the trade or the valuable things owned by a business concern. Ex: cash, goods, buildings, machinery, etc., By-N (MORE)

What is risk adverse and conflict adverse?

Risk adverse is someone avoiding any kind of risk. Such as a risk adverse person won't buy a house EVER because "the sky might fall". All aspects of life involve risk, from m (MORE)

What is asset?

asset is something which can be changed into cash at any time.... eg: buliding, machine , computer ....etc.  there are two kind ot asset ...  1) tangable ....which can be to (MORE)
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What is classifying?

Classifying means sorting out. like classifying the living organisms. animals are classified in 2 groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. plants are also classified into 2 grou (MORE)

What does adversely mean?

  If something is adversely affected, it means it has been affected in a negative way.
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What is adverse impact?

If you're looking for a definition of "adverse impact", in general terms, it means there was a negative impact vs. an expected positive impact on a thing.   For example, a (MORE)

How do you classify intangible assets?

  Intangible Assets could be such personal assets such as a beautiful singing voice, an ability to play a musical instrument, an ability to act well, be good at a sport(s) (MORE)