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What is hoarding advertising?

a Hoarding is an upright wooden structure, or other suitable material to which details are pasted, or other wise fixed, to bring the public's attention to something of importa (MORE)

What is advertising and what are the main characteristics of advertising?

Advertising is communication through which the audience are notified or made aware of the existence of both goods and services as well as an organization and what it is involv (MORE)

What are the uses of advertisements?

Advertisements are used to tell the audience what products you are selling, services you provide and the type of business you do such as whether your business provides finance (MORE)

Who advertises advertisements?

Advertising is done by business organisation to make themselves  visible and noticeable in a particular niche, so that sales can be  increased.
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How do you advertise on Linkedin?

You can use a LinkedIn marketing tool to promote your products and  services.   It is an amazing place for business people and advertisers.  LinkedIn groups and company (MORE)

Is an advertisement a poster?

An advertisement can be a poster but there are various means of advertising. These include: Newspaper AdvertisementsMagazine AdvertisementsTelevision CommercialsRadio Comme (MORE)