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What is the Principles of photography?

A very simple principle in photography that works with all subjects is the rule of thirds. Don't place your subject at the center of your frame. Imagine dividing your screen i (MORE)
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What is abstract photography?

Abstract photography is unlike most other types of photography -  rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values.  The abstract photographer uses his creati (MORE)

What is RGB photography?

RGB photography is not as much a style of photography but a type of setting for editing the colours in an image. You may choose this setting selecting or editing the colours i (MORE)

What is Surrealist Photography?

Surreal photography, like surreal painting, depicts objects, people and landscapes in a non-rational or dream-like way. It is based on the 20th century philosophy of André Br (MORE)

What can you do with photography?

You can go into forensics (criminal photography), portraits, weddings, children, landscapes. All kinda things including marketing, business almost anything Here are some of t (MORE)

What is basic photography?

  Answer   The basic definition is this: Photography is capturing images appealing to the eye in a journalistic or artistic form. Light is a major contributor to pho (MORE)

What is fixer for in photography?

Films and photo papers contain light-sensitive grains called silver halides. When you develop, the silver halide grains that were struck by light are chemically reduced to bla (MORE)

Who advertises advertisements?

Advertising is done by business organisation to make themselves  visible and noticeable in a particular niche, so that sales can be  increased.
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How do you get into a photography business?

If the goal is to get into an already established business, then a portfolio is an absolute must, and can surpass the requirement for any specific training or educational degr (MORE)

What is solarization in photography?

It's when whites are turned into darks. A solarized image has to be in the developer for a short time until the image could be a little seen and then dried and exposed again u (MORE)