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What rhymes with advice?

If I only had rice! One- and two-syllable End Rhymes of advice: allspice concise deice device dice entice excise gneiss ice lice lyse mice nice precise price rice slice spice (MORE)
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Advice and advise?

Advise in a verb. It means to offer suggestions, to give guidance, to cousel. Advice is a noun. It means cousel, guidance, suggestions of what to do. Advise in the action of c (MORE)
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Who do you take advice from?

People usually take advice from people whoa re more experience in the field that they need advice in. Often times older people are asked for advice because they have experienc (MORE)

What is advice?

The meaning of the noun "advice" is recommendations, suggestions or counsel, consisting of opinions or comments about a certain question or topic.   Advice is helpful tips (MORE)
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Advice for not smoking?

To keep u up with it i say to say to yourself that you are doing the right thing Also Find a reason to quit...Weather its your child, spouse, loved one or just plainly the sa (MORE)

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