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What is an advocate?

The noun 'advocate' is a word for someone who publicly supports orrecommends a particular cause or policy; a word for someone whopleads the cause of another in a court of law; ( Full Answer )
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What is a advocate?

An advocate is someone who speaks on behalf of and in favour of a person or cause.
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What is advocated?

Advocated means plead the cause of... argued for the side of whatever the person is advocating. If you are in a class where the teacher accuses you of cheating, and the person ( Full Answer )
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What is an advocate of law?

A professional person that performs different legal functions isknown as an advocate of law. An advocate is the one who plead thecause of his client in a court of law.
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What does advocate?

An advocate works to help support certain people, or causes.Advocates will often argue their position in person or throughletters.
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What did the federalist advocate?

A federalist was an individual who was in favor of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and the creation of a federal union with a strong central government. Federalism arose ( Full Answer )
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Who are the advocators of structuralism?

Its most prominent representatives have been French philosopherClaude Lévi-Strauss, linguist Roman Jakobson, and psychoanalystJacques Lacan.
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What rhymes with advocate?

dadvocate - when you father comes to your rescue fadvocate - cunning marketing ladvocate - a kid with a message madvocate - a loony on a soapboax sadvocate - someone who has l ( Full Answer )
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What did Voltaire advocate?

Voltaire was one of the pre-eminent French Enlightenment thinkers who argued for the promotion of reason above superstition, for freedom and was ultimately cynical about the h ( Full Answer )
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What is a intercessor or advocate?

An intercessor or advocate is someone that comes between us and our accusers or us and justice. In the world, a good example of an advocate is a lawyer. He stands between us a ( Full Answer )