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What is an advocate?

The noun 'advocate' is a word for someone who publicly supports orrecommends a particular cause or policy; a word for someone whopleads the cause of another in a court of law; (MORE)

What is a advocate?

An advocate is someone who speaks on behalf of and in favour of a person or cause.
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What is advocated?

Advocated means plead the cause of... argued for the side of whatever the person is advocating. If you are in a class where the teacher accuses you of cheating, and the person (MORE)

What does advocate?

An advocate works to help support certain people, or causes.  Advocates will often argue their position in person or through  letters.

What did Voltaire advocate?

Voltaire was one of the pre-eminent French Enlightenment thinkers who argued for the promotion of reason above superstition, for freedom and was ultimately cynical about the h (MORE)

What is a intercessor or advocate?

An intercessor or advocate is someone that comes between us and our accusers or us and justice. In the world, a good example of an advocate is a lawyer. He stands between us a (MORE)