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What is the difference between ADR and INC?

The same abbrieviations for different things are common, but I think the 2 you mean are: Inc. = incorporation. A US term for the entities formed under our corporation statutes (MORE)
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The igr edc ata tet heb igb adr at?

This is just a sentence, which is an example for genetic chromosomal mutations. The answer is "The big red cat ate the big bad rat", so the mutation occurred at the beginning (MORE)

Do you pay taxes on dividends and capital gains for ADR stocks by filing returns in the foreign countries or is the tax withheld automatically?

Your dividend statements should say whether tax has been withheld or not, this could come under 'franked amount' (which means tax has been paid on this particular dividend) (MORE)

What is ADR Recording?

In the movie and TV business, there are a variety of reasons why audio recorded on a set is not useable. There may be too much background noise for the actors to be heard. A l (MORE)

What is Full Form of V N Purav Marg of Chembur?

Vitthal Narayan Purav. The story behind the road is that during early seventies, government was short of funds and Hon. Mr Vitthal Narayan Purav was a from a wealthy family. H (MORE)
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What is adr ratio change?

ADR is a stock that trades in the United States but represents a specified number of shares in a foreign corporation.ADR ratio is the number of foreign shares represented by o (MORE)