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What is the Aeneid about?

The Aeneid is about the adventures of Aeneas after the Fall of Troy. He was forced to flee with his father and his son, but his wife was lost in the chaos. With them and other (MORE)

What is the theme of the Aeneid?

The theme of the Aeneid is told in the very first three stirring words of the Latin epic poem: Arma virumque cano , which means 'I sing of arms and of a man'. For Publius Ver (MORE)

Why was the Aeneid written?

The Aeneid was written as an explanation as to how the people of the Roman Empire had come to settle in Italy. It tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan who, according to legend, (MORE)

What is Aeneid about?

The Aeneid details the voyage of Aeneas as he flees his home cityTroy after the Trojan war. Aeneas is travelling to Italy where heis destined to found Rome. The Aeneid tells o (MORE)

Ending of Aeneid?

last line translates as when unworthy life flees with a groan, under the shades.. describing Turnus' death. Aeneas kills Turnus after Turnus begs him to spare him, but Aeneas (MORE)

In the Aeneid who is Anchises?

Father of Aeneas. He took him out of the burning city of Troy on his shoulders. This scene is often depicted as an example of respect for the elderly and love for one's parent (MORE)

Who Aeneid Mother?

The Aeneid is a book but who it is about is Aeneas and his mother was reported to be the Goddess Aphrodite

Where was the Aeneid wrriten?

The Aeneid was written by Virgil sometime between 29 B.C. and 19 B.C. He wrote the book in Rome and died before he finished writing it.