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What is aerodynamic?

Aerodynamics is the study of the way in wich objects move through the air. If something such as a car has an aerodynamic shape or design, it goes faster and uses less fuel tha ( Full Answer )
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What do cars have to do with aerodynamics?

like any object with substantial mass the air they may pass through has to get out if its way to let that object pass. Air also has mass meaning some of the energy being used ( Full Answer )
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What is aerodynamics engineers?

Depending on the college you attend, the name of the degree will vary. Some call it aeronautical engineering or aerodynamical engineering or aerospace engineering. The basic B ( Full Answer )
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Aerodynamics in a plane?

The study of aerodynamics makes one look into the effects of a fluid on a moving object. In this case, an aircraft in air. Some of the topics covered under aerodynamics are th ( Full Answer )
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Are kayaks aerodynamic?

Kayaks are hydrodynamic not aerodynamic. Aerodynamic means 'of the air'. People don't fly on kayaks.
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Which shapes are aerodynamic?

Sails on boats, wings on birds and aircraft, blades on wind turbines Hi Updated answer, The most aerodynamic shape for cars is the teardrop shape, you will find that most mode ( Full Answer )
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What is aerodynamic buffet?

Seperated airflow over the upper side of the wing trough thehorizontal stabilizer causes the arodynamic buffet accurs.
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What causes aerodynamics?

The cause of aerodynamic depends on a shape of an object for example a rocket a has a good aerodynamic because it has a smooth finish which helps to reduce the friction. The n ( Full Answer )
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What is aerodynamic in scientific?

the more aerodynamic a car is the less drag it generates. The less drag the faster the car goes becaues it has less wind resistance.
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What is an aerodynamic bike?

It's a bicycle built with the special goal of slicing easily through the wind, allowing the rider to maintain the same speed at less effort, or more speed at the same effort.