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How the famous greek Aeschylus was kılled?

The famous Achilles was killed by an arrow through the heel by Paris because Achilles killed his brother Hector. Achilles only had one weak spot because his mother dipped him (MORE)

Why is Aeschylus famous?

Aeschylus is famous for his plays Agamemnon, the Libation Bearers and the Eumenides. These are tragedy plays that depict about the different choices men have to make and the o (MORE)

How did the famous playwright Aeschylus die?

According to ancient sources, the aged Aeschylus died when an eagle, carrying a turtle aloft so it could drop it on a rock and crush its shell, saw the elderly Aeschylus' bald (MORE)

What was Aeschylus?

Was early Greek playwright/dramatist. Was first of the 3 greatest, most well known tragedians. Others were Sophcles and Euripides ( sp )