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What is ineffective affirmation?

An ineffective affirmation is an affirmation that has some negative  aspect to it. A true affirmation is positive. An example of an  ineffective affirmation would be saying (MORE)

What is affirmation action?

Affirmative action is when a minority is given extra 'points' or such just for being a minority.   Basically, any member of a minority group is given the advantage just (MORE)

What is trade affirmation?

Trade affirmation is part of the trade confirmation process that is used to describe a client of a bank or broker/dealer affirming trade details that have been submitted by th (MORE)

What does Affirmed - Per Curiam Affirmed mean?

Per Curiam Affirmed generally refers to a decision of the court finding that the decision of a lower court was correct. This is done so without identifying any specific judges (MORE)