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What is the definition of affirm?

  -verb (used with object)   1. To state or assert positively; maintain as true:to affirm one's loyalty to one's country; he affrimed that all was well.   2. To conf (MORE)

Synonym for affirm?

repeat, insist, assert, declare, argue Also: state, maintain, swear, pronounce, endorse, certify, ratify, validate
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How do you affirmate?

  Repeat to yourself something again and again, a few times a day or more, thinking and feeling it beneficial result until it becomes true. (Then be grateful and appreciat (MORE)

What is ineffective affirmation?

An ineffective affirmation is an affirmation that has some negative  aspect to it. A true affirmation is positive. An example of an  ineffective affirmation would be saying (MORE)
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What is positive affirmations?

Positive affirmation is basically saying good/positive toward  yourself that can help you to achieve what you desire/goal. For  example, you join in a competition like quiz (MORE)
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What is the adjective for affirm?

One adjective is "affirmative" (which can also mean a "yes"  answer). The verb to affirm has the participle adjectives  affirming and affirmed.
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