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What is a sentence for the word afford?

Because his salary was cut, he can no longer afford the house payment. I was late for work three times last week so I cannot afford to be late again. He's a wealthy man wh (MORE)

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing usually refers to living quarters with housing costs that are considered "affordable" to those in the median income range. Ir is most commonly used to descr (MORE)

The most affordable life insurance?

In general, there are many different policies available depending on various circumstances. There are expensive life insurance policies and there are cheap ones. The expensi (MORE)

What is the best affordable dog food?

  Seems nothing is affordable anymore.....   Top shelf Innova, California Naturals, $$$   Medium priced Nutro brands, get these at Petco or Feed stores or Blue Seal (MORE)

What companies offer affordable insurance?

There are numerous insurance companies and rates will always vary depending on health, driving record, etc. (relevant to the type of insurance you are looking to get) State F (MORE)

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Where can you find affordable health insurance?

Answer . The question has two concepts that can be in direct conflict with each other: Best & Low Cost. As you might imagine there are always trade-offs when you compare pr (MORE)
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Where can you find an affordable glucose meter?

A glucose meter (or glucometer) is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is a key element of home blood glucose monitoring (MORE)

What clarinet brands are Good and affordable?

There are many brands and prices, but the rule of thumb is to stay with branded clarinets such as YAMAHA and BUFFET. Each of these brands will have clarinets ranging from not (MORE)
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What is the adjective for afford?

The verb to afford (be able to buy) can use the adjective  affordable.   The verb to afford (offer or grant) can use the present and past  participles, affording and aff (MORE)
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Is affordable an adjective?

Yes, it is a derivative adjective from the verb "to afford."   It means "able to be afforded" (inferring sold at a reasonable price).
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