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What is a sentence for the word aficionado?

(term of Spanish origin for a devoted or knowledgeable enthusiast) Arnold Schwarzenegger is an aficionado of fine cigars. On Farmville, level 82 is an Agriculture Aficiona (MORE)
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What is yogi aficionado?

Aficionado = devoted or ardent follower.Yogi = someone who practices yoga. That would mean some who is a devoted follower of a person who practices yoga.
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Use aficionado in a sentence?

I am not an aficionado of modern music, and do not know where we are now.
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How do you uninstall aficionado?

Have you tryed include and eradicate functions within your control Panel. it normaly removes aficionado functions easy. go for the include or eradicate programs, it the safe (MORE)
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What does the Aficionado mean?

Someone who knows a great deal about a specific subject. Such as a cigar aficionado.These also mean the expert.
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What is meant by the term aficionado?

An aficionado is a person who is enthusiastic and is a fan about a particular topic or thing. For example, an opera aficionado is someone who loves the opera.
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Where can I find more information on the Cigar Aficionado?

An American magazine about Cigars - Cigar Aficionado - has been in publication since September 1992. There is a website dedicated to the magazine, or alternatively Wikipedia (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Aficionados - 2010?

The cast of Aficionados - 2010 includes: Silvio Castillo Castillo as Himself - Agricultural Employee Nuria De Torres as Nuria Mauro Dittami as Mauro Vanessa Galindo Benito as (MORE)