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Why are African people suffering from starvation?

  Because many Africans do not have the means necessary to provide their own food, are too poor to buy food and their governments don't have the resources to provide food (MORE)

Are the moroccan people African or Arab?

Answer 1 The Moroccans are technically African but many are Arab, Berber, Gnawa, Haratin, Morisco and of French or Spanish lineage. Answer 2 It is first worth clarifying wh (MORE)
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What do people like about African art?

Because African artwork is so special an unique, no other country creates work like Africa do. They don't include white people in their art but very often coloured people are. (MORE)
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Why is music important to African people?

because when African people were slaves they very rarely heard, played and sang to music. now they treat it like a gift. and only use it on special occasions such as weddings (MORE)

Are all African people black?

If you want to get technical, then Black is a term made up by the media, sadly to try and seperate people due to the color of their skin, when in reality skin color doesn't ma (MORE)
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What are jobs of people in African Savannah?

Only a few examples include basic farming, oil extraction, gasoline manufacturing, and other industrial jobs including petroleum. I had to do a project in high school that inc (MORE)

Do African people speak Spanish?

Yes, some African people do speak Spanish. They mostly live in North Africa, Angola, Nigeria, the Canary Islands, Equatorial Guinea, and in the Western Sahara.
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