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Is there an afterlife?

There are many opinions about what is called "theafterlife." Atheists Atheists do not believe in an afterlife. The idea that there is anafterlife is seen as a common me (MORE)

What is an afterlife?

A belief in an afterlife is to accept that, after death, the humandoes, in some way, live on. This may be in different ways: Dualism considers the soul and body to be separ (MORE)

How do you have a afterlife?

Nobody is really sure, but everybody seems to have an answer (except for Unitarian Universalists, who have questions - it's okay, I can pick on my own kind) For example, Ch (MORE)

Why is there an afterlife?

There is an Afterlife because the body dwells within and is hosted by the Soul. The Soul is greater than the minute human body it flows through. When the lessons of the Soul (MORE)

What is the afterlife?

The After Life is a condition where those who have departed this earth life go to await the resurrection. Some of the faithful who have kept the commandments and loved the Lor (MORE)

Why is the afterlife called afterlife when it is after death?

There are many that feel that there is more than just the life inthe physical body as we see it. They feel that there is a spirit orsoul that inhabits the body and represents (MORE)

What is the importance of the afterlife?

The Egyptians believed you would go on a journey in a boat afteryou died to go live with the gods. People would be mummified sothey don't rot on their journey and their grave (MORE)

The journey to the afterlife?

acccording to ISLAM when a person dies, his soul is taken out of his body by angels (the death angel) ,but the person can see and hear everything but cannot be heard .. after (MORE)

In afterlife what do you do?

Afterlife is a belief in egypt. Its like once you die, they mummify your body, and the Egyptians believed you lived a "second life." They had to mummify you so that the people (MORE)