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Why was the immigration restriction act of 1901 introduced?

It was introduced into Australia because Australians wanted to keep Australia all white. This immigration restriction act would let the government have control of all the immi (MORE)

What is the national law on illegal immigrants?

they send you back to your country and you not allowed to come back to United State....
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Why were the Chinese so discriminated against immigrants?

The Chinese were discriminated against heavily in the early days of  America because they were viewed as thieves. This is because during  the gold rush days, many Americans (MORE)

Why is the US called the nation of immigrants?

Because alot of people jump the border (no offense to any Mexicans) and alot of people come into the US as immigrants. the US has the most immigrants, and Immagrants know they (MORE)

Why did the Chinese immigrate to the US originally?

The earliest major Chinese immigration to the US was during the  California gold rush (1849 to 1860), they came to find gold, get  rich, and return to their families in Chin (MORE)