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What is the evidence against God's existence?

God is an unspecific concept. That term means different things to different people. On the other hand evidence is some outward sign or thing, tangible, perceivable, notable, (MORE)
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What was the main counterargument against wegners evidence?

1 counterarguement.... there was no drift because all is just as it was created. This theory works under the premise of creationism which disregards all evidence of Evolution (MORE)
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What evidence does Lysander give against Demetrius' character?

Lysander says in act 1 scene 1 that Demetrius was being rude and ignorant by isolating Helena, so he thinks that Demetrius would do the same to Hermia. He tried explaining thi (MORE)

What is manifestation?

  Manifestation- is the act of seeing or visualising something It must be manifestation (Not manifestion). Manifestation means the following things: A hidden meaning or (MORE)
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Evidence against the existence of ghosts?

There is little to no evidence against the existence of ghosts. Alot of people believe that ghosts do not exist, simply because their existence has not been scientifically pro (MORE)

What is the most compelling evidence against the idea of free will?

It could be argued that scientific research has shown the universe to be governed by inflexible and mathematically precise physical laws; in that sense, we live in a determini (MORE)

How did Galileo's observation provide evidence against the previous hypothesis?

Galieo was the first scientist to study the night sky  systematically with a telescope. One of the things he discovered  was the phases of Venus, which had not been seen bef (MORE)