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What is the meaning of agape?

Agape means Love... its a Greek language word. Greeks had 3 different words for LOVE... " eros " " philios " and " agape " It is a Greek word translated into English mean (MORE)

What is agape in aramaic?

Agape is Greek. There is no Greek in Aramaic. I assume you want to know what the word translated "agape" in John 14:21. " מן דאית לותה ×¤× (MORE)

What is the Origin of agape?

My theory of how agape came to have its current meaning in Koine as opposed to its meaning in classical Greek is from this famous oath of Alexander the Great. It sort of redef (MORE)

Why is AGAP low?

Usually when AGAP is low, this is an indication that albumin is lowand immunoglobulins are increased. AGAP stands for anion gap on anelectrolyte test result.

Agape is what kind of love?

"Agape" is a word that originated in Greece. It means "wide open, unconditional love." Therefore, agape love is a love that is free, welcoming, and nonjudgmental.

How can you benefit by demonstrating agape?

Agape is another word for love, the type of love we have for family and friends. Its very important as Jesus said in the Bible at John 13:35 By This all will know that you are (MORE)

What is the meaning for agape?

Agape: 1. . appealing to or engaging the intellect : intellectual pursuits. . 2. . of or pertaining to the intellect or its use: intellectual powers. . 3.. possess (MORE)