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What is your age?

Your age is depended on when you were born if you are born in 2000 you would be 9 years old right now. . In my case many people i know where born in 1995 . thus making the (MORE)
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Why do you age?

Answer . From what I have learned in biology and human biology classes, it is due to the incapability of our body to continue reproducing new cells. For what reason I am not (MORE)

What is a Ag?

Ag is the chemical element symbol for the Silver, atomic number 47 and it's a transitional element.
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What is age for?

  If the question is "what is the age at which a porn addiction can develop?" To my knowledge children as young as 8 years old have been reported to be addicted to porn.  (MORE)

Why do we age?

Actually our chromosomes duplicate until we run out of  duplicating so then we die.... if you need more specifics go to  ASAPscience on youtube about aging 
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Where do you get an ags?

In runescape, you cant get ags. But you'll get Armadyl hilt drop and you will have to join it with godshards to make ags. Or buy it from grand exchange
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What age can you?

Nine times out of ten, the answer will be "18". There are a few exceptions: get a job? Unless you're working for your parents or doing one of a very small list of approve (MORE)

What is AGS?

AGS is a common mental aliment cause by spending to much time with an awesome ginger. the is no known cure to awesome ginger syndrome but sleeping with one tends to help.

What is my age?

Age is a measure of the length of time that a person has lived or a  thing has existed.
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