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How much is a collector edition Sleeping Beauty barbie doll worth?

Basically, a collector edition barbie is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Checking the completed auctions at eBay is a good indication of what something is wor (MORE)

How many CD are there in Age of Empires gold edition?

My copy had 1 CD with both the original and Expansion. This was just the Jewel case version. My friend had the original release Gold Edition and it came with two CDs - the ori (MORE)

What are the ages in Age of Empires 3?

I - Discovery age - free   II - Colonial age - 800 food   III - Fortress age - 1200 food, 1000 gold   IV - Industrial age - 2000 food, 1200 gold   V - Imperial (MORE)

What is inside the collectors edition Franklin Mint monopoly?

Nothing different than from a basic set.. Difference is the quality of the pieces... and possibly the tablespace of the game will be very high end quality wood or at least be (MORE)

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Is phrase 'collectors edition' correct?

Formally, according to the rules of fifty years ago in the U. S., the phrase should be "collectors' edition", but there seems to be a trend toward dropping such apostrophes in (MORE)