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How much is bail for aggravated assault?

Depending on what County you live in will determin the bail amount  set. Along with any damages that may have been encountered. You  will need to check your Counties "Bail S (MORE)

What is the punishment for aggravated menacing in Ohio?

  2903.21 Aggravated menacing.   (A) No person shall knowingly cause another to believe that the offender will cause serious physical harm to the person or property o (MORE)

What is aggravated assault?

A very generic description is, an assault on another person where a weapon is used, or where serious bodily injury is inflicted on the victim, or both.   As a basic compari (MORE)

What is aggravated manslaughter?

It more than simple Manslaughter but less than Homicide. Usually charged when the defendant has done something with reckless disregard of the consequences which caused the dea (MORE)

What is aggravated burglary?

Aggravated burglary implies that the burglar had a weapon whenever  they stole something. The weapon doesnâ??t have to have been used  for it to be an aggravated burglary.

What do you do when you are aggravated?

There are several good methods of handling frustration in a healthy manner.. Express your emotions - use "I" messages to tell how you feel instead of making aggressive statem (MORE)

What is aggravated menacing?

Aggravated menacing is a criminal charge one could receive if they  knowingly cause another person to believe they will cause the  person serious physical harm or harm the p (MORE)

What does aggravated mean?

Ya thank u very much! i never thoguht i would had to answer my own question! But anywho, the word means like Incident or with anger also could be used as the following. EXAM (MORE)

What is aggravated sexual battery?

Aggravated Sexual Assault in a sexual crime that usually leaves the  victim wounded or disfigured or if the victim is physically or  mentally incapacitated. It is a felony o (MORE)
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What is aggravated homicide?

This is state specific but your locale will be somewhat  similar-intended as rule of thumb only   committed under, or accompanied by, any of the following  circumstances (MORE)