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How do you be aggressive?

You clench your fists, growl and make your face turn red. Then, you slap the nearest annoying person you can see. You could practise on your fish first. As an example, in socc (MORE)

What is 'aggression'?

1. The act of initiating hostilities or invasion. 2. The practice or habit of launching attacks. 3. Hostile or destructive behavior or actions. Source:
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Are fireflies aggressive?

Not at all. They're my favorite insect. They'll gently land on your hand, and I've never ever known one to bite.
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Are cobras aggressive?

All Snakes can be aggressive. Aggression in cobras depends on the species. However, like most snakes, they are usually only aggressive when cornered or handled.

Why are people aggressive?

Because many people over time tend to feel and become more negativetowards life and others. In many cases, they don't have an outletfor their feelings, so they might take it o (MORE)
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Are sharks aggressive?

Sharks are commonly mistaken as animals that love to eat people, but sharks don't actually like the taste of people. Some sharks are more aggressive than others, for example t (MORE)