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Concerning CPR what would be the next step when you find an unresponsive victim who has agonal gasps and you have sent someone to activate the emergency response system?

Open the airway and check for breathing (signs of life; look, listen & feel); if not breathing give two breaths then start CPR.
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What would be the next stepwhen you find an unresponsive victim who has agonal gasp and you have sent someone to activate emergency response system?

Check for pulse.   But don't wait around trying to find one--say, five seconds or so. After that, start chest compressions immediately. 30 compressions at a rate of 100/mi (MORE)

How do you use agonized in a sentence?

Agonized is an adjective. So if you were to use it in a sentence you'd have to direct it towards a noun which is a person, place or thing. E.G. Jenni was in agonizing pain w (MORE)

Next step when you find unresponsive victim who has agonal gasps?

Tip the head to open the airway. Check for signs of life (look, listen, feel for breathing & movement). Since agonal gasps fails the breathing criteria, you would immediately (MORE)

What activities were there in the Ancient Roman Agon Capitolinus?

The Agon Capitolinus, or Contest at the Capitoline, had a variety of activities, including foot races, boxing, discus and javelin throwing, poetry contests (Greek and Latin), (MORE)
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What are agonal gasps?

Is not normal breathing. It is a sign of cardiac arrest in someone  who doesn't respond