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What is the poetic meaning of feeling the agony?

Answer . \n"Feeling the agony" is being inside the conflict of what a person wants to do versus what he knows he must do. It is the classic situation where a person feels (MORE)
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What is the Greek word for the word agony?

The Greek word for the word agony is αγωνία/ ΑΓΩΝΙΑ and the meaning is exactly the same. This is the root-word of the English word "agony". (MORE)

What is a good agony aunt story?

I waited for her to go to sleep. As she dreamt those beautiful dreams, I pressed my hands onto her lips. I held her nose together and waited the seconds needed, where she woul (MORE)

What happened at the agony in the garden?

after jesus had the last supper he took his disciples to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. he told them to watch for guard but they fell asleep. then judas told the soldiers " (MORE)

What does agony mean?

The noun 'agony' is a word for extreme physical or mentalsuffering; extreme worry or sadness; the final stages of adifficult or painful death.