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What is volcanic ash to aviation agony?

Volcanic ash might be said to be the cause of or the precursor to aviation agony. Agony is generally the suffering on a large scale by an individual or a group. With that (MORE)

Do agony and symphony rhyme?

"Limp funny" rhymes with symphony. Agony isn't one of the non-perfect rhymes. But blissfully maybe.. Timpani is a good close rhyme to symphony.
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Can a man be an agony aunt?

of course, it has happened before a number of times. it just takes someone who is very compassionate about other people's problems and willing to give rational advice.
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What does agony mean?

The noun 'agony' is a word for extreme physical or mentalsuffering; extreme worry or sadness; the final stages of adifficult or painful death.
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