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Is antisocial personality disorder the same as agoraphobia?

No, not at all. People mistakenly assume that "antisocial" means "shy". That's wrong. Antisocial means "against society" - in other words, an antisocial person is someone wh (MORE)

What is agoraphobia?

Answer   Agoraphobia is the fear of public or open spaces. More particularly, agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by an uneasiness, fear or dread about leavi (MORE)

What is the difference between agoraphobia and specific phobia?

The word agora is Greek, meaning market place. Agoraphobia, literally fear of the market place, means fear of open spaces, of outdoors. People with severe agoraphobia will ref (MORE)

How do you get diagnosed with agoraphobia?

Answer . Your doctor should know about this. I use to have it and it usually starts out by having panic attacks and you are so fearful of making a fool of yourself in pub (MORE)