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Is an email agreement on the sale of real estate a binding contract?

There are cases in the courts of several states relating to thisvery question. In New York and Massachusetts for example, courtshave upheld that "e-mails sent by parties or th (MORE)

What is the difference between Agreement of Sale and Agreement for Sale?

Agreement for sale is a agreement between parties that on such and such terms the sale to take place. Terms and conditions could be agreed and sale to be completed on agreed (MORE)

Format of high seas sales Agreement?

Dear Sir we are exporter of P.a Equipment, one of my regular buyer in Dubai is asking to deliver material in Iran, Bandrabas port on behalf of him And Dubai Party will pay bil (MORE)

What happens if a name is misspelled on a real estate sale agreement?

Happens all the time, but legally is could make the contract null and void. That depends if one party wishes to challenge it. The mistake will usually be picked up by the titl (MORE)

What is the difference between a sale and an agreement to sell?

A "sale" is (colloquially) a completed transaction where the only remaining duties of the buyer may be timely rejection after inspection, and the only remaining duty of sell (MORE)

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