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Is agricultural adjustment act a relief recovery reform?

The AAA was both relief and recovery because it not only took action to halt the economic depression it also acted as a permanent program to avoid another economic disaster
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How does agriculture develop?

Early humans gathered food through hunting and foraging. During their time, inhospitable environments forced them to live in groups. As groups grew larger they became tribes. (MORE)

What can you do with agriculture?

You can do a lot with agriculture. Over half of the jobs in the world deal with agriculture in one way or another. With agriculture you can produce food to eat or sell or you (MORE)

What was the US Supreme Court 1936 decision about the New Deal Agricultural Adjustment Act?

In 1933, Congress established the Agricultural Adjustment Administration and passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act which levied taxes against certain farm commodity processor (MORE)

What is agricultural smudging?

  Answer   You may be referring to the use of smudge pots which is a method of using oil burning heaters in orchards to prevent freezing of the crops.
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Adjust to or adjust with?

adjust to. for example: "I have adjusted to the new environment." or "I have adjusted with the changes in the environment."
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What can we do about agriculture?

If you like to eat, I would suggest supporting it. Those in the business of food, fiber, and fuel production need the support of all consumers of their products. For example, (MORE)