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Why was Israel created?

Answer 1   Jewish people had been migrating around for thousands of years  without a homeland. Also, many people did not like the Jews being  in their country (the most (MORE)

What to do in israel?

Answer 1   There are huge amounts of things to do in Israel, and it really  depends on the kind of thing you like.   For a religious holiday, obviously, give several (MORE)
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Is Israel in danger?

Israel has been in danger since she became a nation in 1948. She is surrounded by Arab nations that want her annihilated, mainly Iran. If she is attacked, she will defend hers (MORE)
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What did the Romans do in Israel?

Nothing. During the time of the Roman empire, there was no such place as Israel. The kingdom of Israel had long been dissolved and the present day country was far in the futur (MORE)
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Who rules Israel?

israel is a state ran by democracy, which means theres a government, which in israel is called "the knesset", the highest rank in the israeli government is a prime minister, t (MORE)

Are there beaches in Israel?

There are loads of lovely beaches in Israel! Tel Aviv, Hertziliya,  Ashdod, Ashkelon, Netanya, to name a few, on the mediterranean  shore as well as Eilat on the Red Sea. Th (MORE)

Who was Israel?

Israel is both a country and a person. As the question has "who" in it, it would seem to refer to the person. Israel is an Old Testament Prophet and the third patriarch. He (MORE)

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How do you get to Israel?

By plane, boat, car or walking...depends on where you're coming from. By plane, many European and American airports fly to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. and have ande 1 : sde (MORE)
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What universities are there in Israel?

  There are 8 major public Universities   Technion or Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa   Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has 4 campuses, one on Mt. Scop (MORE)
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Where is Joppa in Israel?

There is no place in Israel called Joppa. There is however an old, beautiful important city named Jaffa (Yafo in Hebrew, Yaffa in Arabic). It's located on the shore of the Med (MORE)