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Who is Mazda Miata?

The Mazda Miata is a two door convertible sports car. It has been a top selling model for the Mazda motor company since 1989. It is only known as the Miata in North Americ (MORE)

What does Mazda mean?

Jujiro Matsuda was the founder of Toyo Cork Kogyo. The name "Mazda" was coined when the company first produced automobiles. "Mazda" is the Zoroastrian god of life. I belie (MORE)

Difference in Mazda 3 and Mazda 3i?

The Mazda3 is offered in two versions- 'i' and 's'. The 'i' is offered in Sport, Touring and Grand Touring trim levels. The 's' is only available in the top-level Grand Tourin (MORE)

What can the Mazda rx8 do?

from what i know since my cousin has this car it does a lot of nice stuff. for the doors if your wondering about if the back 2 doors open they do from the inside. it has 6 spe (MORE)

What is the difference Mazda protege and Mazda 626?

The Mazda Protege is a smaller, lighter car that gets better fuel economy and costs less than the 626. Competitors include the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, e (MORE)

Can a Mazda 323 engine fit in a Mazda 121?

i guess it depends on the model year, i own a Mazda 121 da with a 1.3 8v b3 engine, i have found a Mazda 323 with a 1.3 16v b3 engine in. Ive been told they fit easily. as the (MORE)
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Who makes Mazda?

The car Mazda is a Japanese manufactured vehicle and it is made by  Mazda, which is a Japanese company.

Why does Zoroastrianism teach that Ahura Mazda created the world?

Most religions teach that that religion's creator god created the world. So, just as Christianity teaches that its God created the world, so too does Zoroastrianism teach tha (MORE)

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