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What is aids-?

AIDS is an acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a  disease that affects the human immune system. It can be spread  through bodily fluids such as blood and (MORE)

What is inappropriate aid?

Inappropriate aid is when aid is given to people, but they can not utilize that aid because it is inappropriate. e.g. if you were to give a family in the highlands of Nepal a (MORE)

What does a teacher's aide do?

  I assume you're asking about teacher's aides - people who work in the classroom alongside the teacher. They can do anything from correcting papers, to reading stories, r (MORE)

What is the condition of aid?

There are two kinds of Federal controls on state governmental activities. The traditional control tells the state government what it must do if it wants to get some grant mone (MORE)
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Who was Frankensteins aide?

In the original novel and in the first films, it was Fritz. Only in Son of Frankenstein was their a character named Ygor, and it was in Young Frankenstein that the spelling Ig (MORE)
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What is a textual aid?

ahm... textual aids is carlwin gwapo .... michael gwapo... junroe gwapo... william ug dodon.. ailo gwapo.. thats it..

What are textual aids?

Some examples of textual aids are bold print, italicized words,  pictures, graphs. Writing is the representation of language in a  textual medium through the use of a set of (MORE)
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What does vulture aid do?

3 Things, it gives Signs to where Mystery Box and other specialism  is through walls, it makes zombies have a chance to drop little  bags of points and ammo, some zombies wi (MORE)