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Who is strange woman in the Bible?

  Prostitutes in Israel were, doubtless with few exceptions, foreign women. The Proverbs repeatedly warn against the "strange woman" and the "foreign woman" who would enti (MORE)
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What are some strange things about Japan?

 Most Japanese people, especially those in major cities, can't  drive. The public transportation system is set up so well that only  those in the most rural of areas ever (MORE)
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Strange animal facts?

Cats do not meow at each other; they only make the "meow" sound to humans.Meerkats, kangaroo rats and some others can live their entire life without water.Bald eagles can swim (MORE)
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What was the strange habit of morarji desai?

Morarji Desai used to drink his own urine every day. This is believed to ward off illnesses. This is called as urine therapy, also called in India as Shivamboo.
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What is a noun for strange?

Noun forms for the adjective strange is strangeness and sometimes strange. Example uses: Noun: The strangeness of a new house or apartment usually lasts about a month. Noun: T (MORE)

What does the saying 'love is spelled t-i-m-e' mean?

  Any relationship requires time just to be together. If something takes away almost all the time people can spend together, then the relationship suffers accordingly. Thi (MORE)
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What is the noun for strange?

The word 'stranger' is a noun and an adjective.    The noun 'stranger' is a singular, common,  concrete noun; a word for someone who is neither a friend  nor an acqua (MORE)