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How long is a flight from la to Florida?

The time varies greatly during a flight from L.A. to Florida. This  is because there are several places that a person can fly to in  Florida with some taking much less time (MORE)
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What is the flight time from Florida to Aruba?

About a 2.5 to 3.5 hour flight time can be expected to Aruba from Florida, depending on the point of departure. The flight duration times from three Florida cities follow. (MORE)
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How long is the flight from Florida to France?

  Flight: Orlando, FL (ORL) to Paris (PAR) Shortest Flight Duration 11 hours 0 mins Distance: The distance between Orlando and Paris is 4500 miles (7241 km).
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How long is the flight from Florida to England?

Orlando, FL (ORL) to London (LON)   Shortest Flight Duration 8 hours 5 mins   or Miami, FL (MIA) to Manchester (MAN) Flight Duration * 10 hours 10 mins * Via Orla (MORE)
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How long is a flight from Florida to Brazil?

  Answer   The time will vary depending on the origin and destination points.     Miami, FL (MIA) to Sao Paulo (SAO)     Shortest Flight Duration: 7 ho (MORE)

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